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What is Ably used for?

You have your web pages and forms built on other platforms like Bubble, Webflow, Notion, etc. And want to move those webpages under your own "domain name" without using their "custom domain" pricing plans.

It allows you to remove their branding, add your branding, insert CSS & JS or include plugins for chat or analytics.


Ably is serving third party pages on customer's own domain with custom branding.

This Webflow website is served over
This Bubble app page is served over is served over
This Notion page is served over

HTTPS by Default

No Code Required

High Availibility

How does it work?

A very simple process to follow


Add CNAME record for domain.

When a domain is added to Ably, our system will validate it's correctly pointing to our endpoint by a CNAME.


Verify that your CNAME updated

Once validated, Ably creates an SSL Certificate for it.


Add your source link and test

Traffic is routed within the domain and its target over HTTPS

What people are saying

Awesome concept to host custom-made resources

Deepak Mehta

Came across this super useful and easy to use app @AblyHost which lets you host any webpages into your own domain. Such a cool idea, kudos to the team.

Dagobert Renouf

checked your landing page and it's a super interesting value prop
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